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It is said that the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. There are no truer words spoken. And it’s up to us to safeguard our lives and shut the doors to keep him from walking through to cause chaos and destruction. I recommend a monthly check between couples, as well as ourselves. Pick a […]

It’s become a sad epidemic in our society today. Gone are the days of loyalty and true commitment. The way of the world now is if we’re not happy, we throw our partner to the side with the idea we’ll just pick up a new one elsewhere. Afterall, the grass has to be greener on […]

That’s a bold statement to make and I don’t say it lightly. I also want to begin this with the utmost respect, sympathy, and condolences for anyone who has lost a loved one – especially a child or spouse. The pain is immeasurable and this entry is NOT to take away from any emotions, pain […]

One of the first things I realized after being abandoned by my then husband of 21+ years was the feeling of being in a twilight zone. Nothing seemed normal. My entire world had been turned upside down. I had no idea what the next day would bring, or the next, or the next. My focus […]

As I’ve worked on content for my blog and have composed and scheduled a few different entries, I felt compelled to throw this one in here before the others post. I feel like some may read my future entries and have a misconception and take some of the postings I make as being bitter, hard […]

I’ve seen it multiple times throughout my years…. someone who goes through a divorce and has a party, a celebratory dinner, an extravagant trip as a way to “celebrate” the dissolution of their marriage – the feeling of being “free”. Having been through my first divorce (Can I just insert here how I despise having […]

I was driving down the road when Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece by Piece” song played. It was a song I had always related to so well. Though our stories differ a bit with our father’s – her father abandoned her while mine was an abusive narcissist – I could certainly relate to her sentiments towards her […]

As I set out on this adventure to help others, I think it’s important for my viewers to know a little more about me so my heart is transparent. So here it goes… Growing up I never had my eyes fixated on any certain career. Professions didn’t define a person and certainly didn’t matter to me. […]







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