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Whether rough waters or smooth sailing, investing in your marriage is one of the best investments you will make for yourself and your family. 

Marriage Under Grace uses personal life experience, biblical principles and techniques learned to help couples calm the waters and live their best relationships. Limited space is available. Contact us to inquire about session structure, packages and rates.  

Marriage can be tough and there are so many different seasons. Kids, job changes, moves - the list can be endless, but taxing on your relationship. Sometimes you just need a neutral 3rd party to help you navigate the waves.

Benefits of coaching

Learn better communication skills and techniques to improve your relationship.
Learn how to set boundaries with one another creating respect between partners and a roadmap for a Godly marriage.
Learn how to navigate difficult situations and resolve conflicts.
Learn how to listen to hear, not respond.
Learn how to set priorities in your marriage and life between spouses.
Learn how to set better examples for your children and their future families.
Learn how to break bad patterns affecting your marriage.
Learn how to improve physical and emotional intimacy, and the differences in each.
Learn how to create a true partnership with your spouse.

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